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London calling: Nature blog highlights VCH’s Olympic Success

In a few days, an estimated 14,000 athletes will take part in over 300 Olympic events based in London. Many people are working behind the scenes in order to keep everyone healthy and safe during the games. In 2010, the VCH Public Health team were a key part of ensuring a healthy and memorable experience for athletes, officials, media and general public during the Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Accredited online course for physicians: Transfusion Reactions

Do you know how to recognize and/or medically manage an acute or delayed transfusion reaction? Are you aware of the principles of “what, when and why” as applied to transfusion reaction reporting?

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Planning for the future MH&A needs for seniors in VCH and PHC

Together, VCH and PHC are developing a regional approach to understanding older adult mental health and addiction services that currently exist and are predicting and planning for future needs.

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