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This week, Aboriginal Health introduced our new newsletter – P’ѐsk’a Stories – for staff who have completed the Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) training or for anyone interested in Indigenous health and wellness.

About P’ѐsk’a Stories

P’ѐsk’a Stories is a monthly newsletter and will provide the latest information on the ICS training, the Aboriginal Health team, Indigenous news, links for further learning,  celebrating our staff allies and sharing stories of the great work being done by staff to promote Indigenous cultural safety throughout our health authority.

P’ѐsk’a is the Halq emѐylem word for hummingbird. Hummingbirds can fly long distances spreading their messages far and wide. This is what we hope with this newsletter; that the stories will resonate with staff and our  features about Indigenous culture and how culturally safe care is being provided will be shared and talked about widely.

“As more staff complete our Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) training we wanted a way we could give back and reflect the new awareness and understanding they are bringing to their work. We hope this newsletter is another tool for staff for further learning on the journey to become a culturally safe  health care organization for Indigenous people,” says Leslie Bonshor, Executive Advisor.

Who we are

The Aboriginal Health team supports staff to have an understanding of the historical context of Indigenous people in Canada and to be given opportunities to learn about traditional healing and wellness from an Indigenous perspective to help VCH staff provide culturally responsive health care services to Aboriginal clients.

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Our page on VCH Connect

For more information about our program and other resources for learning, check out our staff hub. It’s an internal link and will require a VCH computer for access.

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