Caroline Kim, a peer mentor seconded from St. Paul’s Hospital to help with LGHs go live, tests the clinical information system with clinical informatics lead Lori Campbell.

CST: Coastal peer mentors help with system testing milestone in preparation for go live

Coastal peer mentors played an important role in the third and final round of system integration testing (SIT), which wrapped up at CST’s offices in Vancouver the last week of January.

SIT is the process where testers verify that all components of the clinical information system and related systems function as intended. It also involves testers running a wide variety of real-life scenarios that can occur.

During SIT 2 and 3,  more than a dozen Coastal peer mentors were invited to participate in testing, giving them an up-close look at how the clinical information system works, and what their workflows will look like after go-live.

The first phase of SIT began in July. The third phase of SIT marks the last time that patient-centric journeys will officially be run before the system is given the final go-ahead.

Caroline Kim, a peer mentor seconded from St. Paul’s to help with LGH’s go-live, worked alongside clinical informatics lead Lori Campbell to test how patient admissions, transfers and discharges will work in the new system. She also helped test nursing tasks like transfusing blood.

Caroline just started her peer mentor role in January, and appreciated that the testing helped her start to get familiar with the system so she’d be able to support her colleagues leading up to go-live.

“Caroline did great,” said Lori. “This was the first time she was able to really play with the system and, over the course of the day, she was already starting to pick up on where things were.”

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