Letters of thanks for the care you provide day in and day out at Richmond Hospital.

Kudos to you for making RH a place of learning as well as healing

Richmond Hospital’s 3 South provides outstanding clinical workplace experience

Dear Richmond Hospital:

I have been teaching clinical to Semester 5 (final nursing year) on 3 South, Richmond Hospital, for a few years now.  I have been teaching nursing for 10 years and have been to many hospitals to teach clinical.  I am compelled to say that 3 South is an excellent unit that fosters a supportive and safe learning environment.

The staff are extremely positive, patient, and informative.  Almost every single clinical group has told me how the unit is positively contributing to their learning.  Students are less anxious, relaxed and more confident with the 3 South staff.  The staff on the unit are professional and at the same time enjoy themselves.  They make learning fun.

From an instructor’s perspective, this unit has been a blessing.  I look forward to coming here every semester. The PCC and educator have welcomed me as a team member of their own.  I feel very comfortable approaching them for questions or clarifications regarding patient safety.  When my colleagues ask me about my clinical workplace experience at Richmond Hospital, I have nothing but positive things to say.

Warm regards,

Daljit Bains, Douglas College

Nothing but kind, competent, empathetic care on the SSP

Dear Richmond Hospital:

We want to thank the nurses (Sydney, Danielle, Alex-UBC student, Jovie, Kyla, Jesse) at the short-term Pediatrics ward at Richmond Hospital. Our six month old was recently admitted with pneumonia / bronchiolitis.

We received round-the-clock care. From our initial shock of the diagnosis to our discharge on day five, these amazing nurses made sure there was no additional stress we had to endure; we just had to focus our energy on our baby. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Sydney, Danielle and Alex. These ladies showed nothing but professionalism, knowledge, empathy and everything in between. Knowing that they covered the five night time shifts, we were not only relieved but also extremely grateful to be in such competent hands. This is not just a job for them. They genuinely care and that is what makes them so great at what they do. They are truly every day heroes.

We are grateful to be home with a baby that is on the road to recovery. Thank you for being a part of that.

– A grateful family