Take your inner geek to the Innovation Fair!

Following Innovations in Health Care, Vancouver’s All-Staff Forum on Wednesday, February 28, visit the Innovation Fair at VGH. Through live demos and interactive displays, Vancouver staff and physicians will share some of the latest and greatest tech innovations in use or coming soon to Vancouver.

Day: Wednesday, February 28

Time: 3:00 to 3:30 pm

Location: VGH Paetzold Multipurpose Room

Participants include (but are not limited to!)

  • Robotic exoskeletons: used at our GF Strong Rehab Centre to help people with lower-extremity weakness or paralysis to stand and walk
  • Tech4Home: telehealth care for patients with chronic heart failure
  • ROTEM: cutting-edge technology used to generate and livestream patients’ blood-clotting profiles from the lab to physicians
  • Kelty’s Key: therapist-assisted online cognitive behavior therapy service and self-help resource for patients with internet access
  • Aboriginal Health app: a resource on First Nation communities in the VCH region, as well as values, practices and concepts around Indigenous culture, traditional healing and wellness
  • Social robots and gamification: robotic cats and seals and the power of gamification in training to enhance dementia care
  • Virtual reality simulation: immersive online learning experienced through a head-mounted display and three-dimensional computer-generated activities
  • My VCH intranet: a sneak peek at the intranet we’re building to share ideas, recognize each other and find information faster

Don’t forget to register for the forum

To register for Innovations in Health Care — Vancouver’s All-Staff Forum on February 28 — visit the LearningHub. Seating and webcast connections are limited, so reserve your spot today.

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