Les Hansen RN, VGH Spine Program.

When it comes to making a difference for patients, Les is more

When you meet Les Hansen, the first thing you realize is that he’s not one to blow his own horn. However, there’s an intense passion for patient care that comes along with that calm, unassuming manner.

That’s why Les’ co-worker Ryan Lucier made a point of recognizing Les as part of I Made a Difference 2017—a contest where VCH staff are invited to share stories of care and service that ‘made a difference.’

Les is a registered nurse with the spine program at VGH. His patients often have injuries that will change the course of their lives forever. Their behaviours and complex care needs can sometimes be challenging and stressful for care providers but, as Les is quick to point out: “What we’re experiencing as their caregivers, is nothing compared to what they’re going through.”

Ryan recalls how Les took care of a quadriplegic patient whose wife had recently passed away. During this patient’s admission he was delivered a terminal diagnosis and his son passed away.

Ryan Lucier RN (left) and Les Hansen RN of the VGH Spine Program.

“Les made sure that patient was able to get to his son’s funeral,” said Ryan. “I just can’t tell you what a difference Les made in that patient’s life.”

Ryan admires how Les consistently provides outstanding compassionate care for patients with some of the most complex needs, and how he does it with calm, quiet confidence and team approach.

“For Les, it’s like no big deal. It’s his everyday nursing approach. But I’ve seen first-hand how his approach to care makes a difference for patients and their families,” says Ryan.

It might be 3 o’clock in the morning when a patient with a life-changing spinal cord injury is first able to speak about the reality and impact of their situation.

“Listening and just being there with them through that process is, to me, part of providing the best possible care,” says Les.  “I feel it’s a very important part of quality patient care.”


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  1. tom hollett

    Thanks Les. Great job.

    March 22, 2018