Core addiction practice (CAP) training in 2013

The CAP education series is designed to help provide a shared understanding of what constitutes best practices in addiction treatment and to assist practitioners in developing the professional competencies required to implement those practices. The CAP workshop brings together critical information and skills training into a standardized package. Since the first CAP training In January 2012, over 300 staff and community partners from across all HSDAs in VCH have partipated in this training.

The goal of CAP training is to facilitate knowledge exchange by using a collaborative inquiry-based approach to increase service delivery consistency, across the province, by clinicians serving clients with substance abuse issues. This includes engaging and supporting mental health clinicians as they expand their practice to include clients with addiction issues, as well as clinicians working in other services areas that encounter addiction issues: primary care, emergency departments, contracted addiction services, housing and the criminal justice system.

In the coming year we will continue to offer this training to staff and community partners as well as endeavouring to make it more accessible to people working in acute settings and in our rural communities.

2013 dates are now available on CCRS. Dates for SC and STS regions will be posted in the New Year.