Anne Coles: VCH GreenCare Commuter of the Year

I choose a green commute because I can.

My home care area is close to our office so walking between client visits is feasible. There is nothing like working with people who can’t leave their apartment to appreciate the simple act of being able to walk.  Also, I hate traffic – so the walk allows me a few minutes to ‘process’ and to prepare for what I may need to do next. And fresh air between client visits is far more pleasant than searching for parking in the West End, or waiting on a narrow street while someone does a nine-point turn.

Any nurse worth their registration understands the benefits of daily exercise, although few have the time to put this into practice. I think I’m pretty lucky; I live close enough to walk to work.   I don’t think walking for an hour to work is a hardship when many people are sitting in their cars for that long.   Walking to and from work allows me to arrive in a lot better frame of mind. I enjoy the calmer pace of life that it sets up for my day. At the office, I have the luxury of an assigned desk where I can store my clothes and backpack. In the summer, if I get too sweaty we have access to a shower.

While walking, I get the chance to talk on my cell phone while I walk – something that my colleagues in cars face more restrictions.  I get to experience sunrise and sunset most days.   Watching the north shore mountains slowly reveal themselves each morning is addictive.

In all honesty, not all of my colleagues could walk to work, some need cars to see their clients spread across larger catchment areas. But if they could bike or car share for some of their visits and they want to walk, my suggestion would be to give it a try on the weekend to see how long it takes and what it entails. Also, remember that you won’t be restricted to the same roads that you take in a car so watch as you go and choose a route that you like


Anne’s nomination was listed under the categories of Superhero, Quiet Achiever and Long-Time GreenCare Commuter.