Recognizing Earth Day at your cafeteria

This April 22, Sodexo cafes and cafeterias at Lions Gate, Richmond, St. Paul’s, UBC and VGH will recognize Earth Day by offering up a sustainable seafood dish.

Seafood consumption has doubled over the last 40 years, but fish stocks have not kept pace. Fish is an important part of healthy diets and constitutes 17% of the global population’s protein intake. In addition, fish and seafood support the livelihoods of 10-12% of the world’s population, most of them in the developing world. For these reasons, Sodexo has made sustainable seafood a cornerstone of its sustainable sourcing approach.

As part of its Better Tomorrow Plan Sodexo has committed to contracting all of its seafood from sustainable sources and with a global reach of 80 countries and nearly 10.1 million people reached each day, this commitment will have a real impact worldwide.

Come in to any of our cafeterias this Earth Day (April 22) and enjoy our chef’s signature creation: Cajun-seared haddock with maple lime butter.

  1. Paula

    Earth Day? Sodexo uses plastic cutlery for staff and patients which gets thrown in the garbage. Also plastic cups for patients every day all day piling up into the garbage. I think Sodexo could to better.

    April 21, 2016