Judy Parker with her bike.

Inspiring stories from Vancouver Coastal commuters

Now that we’re into the second and final week of the Clean Commuter & Wellness Challenge, please remember to log your commutes for last week. This will allow you to see how well you’re getting on, and also means that you have a chance to win one of our great prizes.

We know that for many people the prospect of cycling to work can seem daunting: you don’t have the right equipment, it’s too complicated, too tiring, just…too much effort. That’s why it’s so inspiring to read this interview with Judy Parker, Recruitment Consultant at Vancouver General Hospital. Judy heard about the Challenge and decided that she wanted to incorporate more exercise into her daily routine, so changed her commute and started biking. She figured out what the potential barriers were and what she’d need to overcome them, and is now cycling 26km round trips most days of the week. If that seems overwhelming, then remember Judy’s advice: “Just try and take that first step. Anything is better than nothing.” By using an electric assist bike, you can overcome any worries about getting too tired, whilst still enjoying a commute that’s clean, active and even fun!

Read Judy’s story here: https://bcgreencare.ca/ccwc-shout-out-self-propeller-judy-parker

Thanks to Judy and all those of you taking part in the Clean Commuter & Wellness Challenge. The weather this year hasn’t made it easy, so it’s fantastic to see so many of you still going for it!

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