Facilities to be built, rebuilt or expanded will include clockwise from top left: German Canadian Care Home (Vancouver); Silverstone Care Centre (Sechelt); Creekstone Care Centre (North Shore); Fraserview (Richmond); Hamilton Village Care Centre (Richmond).

943 beds. 8 facilities. 6 years.

Vancouver Coastal Health has signed an agreement with the German Canadian Benevolent Society to rebuild and expand the German Canadian Care Home in South Vancouver. The existing facility will be demolished and replaced with a larger care home with 18 additional funded beds, for a total of 160-beds (10 will be private pay). Completion is scheduled for 2022.

With the signing of this latest agreement, Vancouver Coastal Health has completed the procurement phase of the Regional Residential Care Rejuvenation project. To date, Vancouver Coastal Health has signed agreements for 943 beds in eight new and expanded facilities across the region over the next six years.

The new and expanded facilities across the region will enhance residents’ privacy and the experience of care by offering single rooms, private washrooms, outdoor terraces, and better access for wheelchairs. In addition, all of the new and/or rebuilt facilities will have several small homes within a single building. This model is known as ‘home and neighbourhood design’ and is considered a best practice in residential care.

The new and expanded facilities will enhance residents’ privacy and the experience of care by offering single rooms, private washrooms, outdoor terraces, and better access for wheelchairs.

Another example of strong teamwork

“I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved with our Residential Care Rejuvenation Project over the past few years,” says Glen Copping, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Systems Development & Performance and Executive Sponsor of the rejuvenation project. “As you can imagine with a project of this size and scope, it has been extremely demanding, requiring detailed review, analysis and evaluation of the various proposals – most of them several hundred pages in length with detailed charts, graphs and proposed site layouts – as well as countless hours of meetings, discussions and negotiations to get us to where we are today.

“The project has been another great example of strong, effective teamwork, with people from various corporate groups – such as Finance, Facilities Management, HR, Communications and BISS – working closely with staff from Residential Care as well as members of the Senior Leadership Team and the VCH Board to ensure that we identify and move forward with the best solutions for those who call these facilities their home.”

“And, finally, I’d like to thank all of those who submitted proposals and participated in our RFQS process. We are aware of the time and effort that goes into such proposals and the RFQS process, and we appreciate the patience, professionalism and effort they demonstrated throughout.”

Zoning and development work already underway

Zoning and development work is already underway, and the first new facility will welcome residents to their new home in about two years. It is anticipated that all new and expanded residential care facilities under this project will be open by 2022. Over the coming months and years, VCH staff will continue to work with our partners to ensure successful completion of the projects as well as smooth transitions for residents and staff.

VCH, like many health authorities, is planning ahead to meet the complex residential care needs of people living in our region who can no longer live safely at home with support.


  1. merideth frost says:

    what the artical fails to say is that trellis is private company and not a union of vch and staff will be loosing their jobs and will re-apply at trellis company for a massive pay cut and families will loose their homes because of it!! Of the 125 “new beds” if shorncliff and totem are closed there will only actually be around 36 new beds give or take. Shame on you for only printing one side of this storey

    1. Pam Duffy says:

      I think it is more like 15 new beds or so with some being private and possible loss of our pallative casre beds, so sad. Also little to no communication as noticed by the huge outcry in our small, close knit community.. New facility will be way out of town with little to no access for family members who do not drive. No longer will patients be able to be taken for walks to our coffee shops, shopping in general etc

  2. Matthew Li says:

    Hi there,
    Richmond Lions Manor Steveston has been demolished for three years and currently is renting a hotel as a temporary venue. It seems that rebuilding is not included in the six-year plan. As far as I know, the temporary rent is six or seven years which means there are only three or four years to go. I am wondering what the plan will be for our facility and the residents inside? Would appreciate if any of the leaders can give some information on this!

    1. Natalie McCarthy says:

      We are continuing redevelopment planning work, leading to a replacement of Richmond Lions Manor. The RLM redevelopment planning process is separate from the RFQS and has involved the development of a detailed business plan by VCH. This business plan was completed and submitted to the Ministry of Health for approval in late 2016. I want to assure everyone that securing a permanent replacement of Richmond Lions Manor remains an important strategic priority for VCH Richmond.
      – Natalie McCarthy, director, MH&SU, Residential Care, VCH Richmond

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