Dear EFAP: Wanting the bikini body

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I’m heading to Hawaii this Spring Break and I need to shed a few unwanted pounds.  Any suggestions?

~ Wanting the Bikini Body


In light of some feedback Dear EFAP has received regarding this article, we would like to acknowledge that we are not experts in the area of diet and would like to change our initial response to the writer.

We would like to encourage anyone interested in addressing weight related issues to review VCH Public Health’s set of Key Messages for VCH Staff.  These messages focus on health, not weight, and promote wellbeing in body and mind for all: Key Messages

We also encourage anyone who is navigating weight related issues to consult with their Family Physician and/or a Registered Dietitian.  If you are dealing with any associated psychological challenges as well, please feel free to connect with us 604-872-4929.

Dear Wanting the Bikini Body,

Well, I’m no diet expert but a healthy way to consider losing weight is to focus more on speeding up your metabolism than fixating on losing the weight.  When we diet we can put ourselves into a kind of starvation state that actually slows our metabolism down.  This is because our bodies think we’re starving, so they compensate and try to conserve energy.  So, thinking of ways to boost your metabolism, while also eating responsibly, is a better way to get that bikini body.

The Oprah website suggests 5 things to keep in mind to boost the metabolism:

  1. Try eating an egg at breakfast, because high protein causes our bodies to produce more heat, and thus burn more calories.
  2. Eat meals that are 25% smaller. This just makes sense, and if it’s difficult, try fooling your tummy by fooling your eye and put those meals on a plate that’s 25% smaller.
  3. Don’t sit still, keep moving and move throughout the day. Try walking down the stairs at the end of a shift, and if you need to sit and think, try walking and thinking.
  4. Try circuit exercises rather than strength based exercised. This will keep your heart rate up, and this in turn will melt away those pesky little calories.
  5. And finally, push yourself. If you’re walking, try and walk faster for that last 20 yards to the bus stop, or try moving a bit more while you’re dancing around your apartment.  This extra push will help stimulate the metabolism and get you to your goal.

A little of this, eating with conscious purpose – that means register what’s going into your mouth and ask yourself is this going to get me to my goal? – and drinking lots of water for the next 2 weeks, and voila!  Hot Hawaiian bikini beach babe – have a great vacation!

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  1. Maria Monachini says:

    Hi Hawaii Bikini Lady or Ladies out there…..
    I know this way a bit too late as Spring break is this week but – I can help you with a proper fit and healthier lifestyle and be ready for the summer. Please contact me anytime.

  2. Karen says:

    I want to say we all have Bikini bodies, no matter what shape we are in. I get it, don’t we all want to be good looking but, are we sterotyping ourselves if we don’t have the supermodel figures?
    As a woman, I think every single woman is just perfect.
    Being HEALTHY is the priority…..not the “look”.

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