Getting to work without a car

Help us make VCH a better place to walk, bike, take transit or carpool to work.

Join in

A collection of Transportation Working Groups are being formed at various sites across VCH. If you have an opinion on shaping the facilities, programs and activities to promote active and sustainable transportation then we want to hear from you.

Beginning this spring, working groups will meet bimonthly to help make not driving to work safer, more comfortable and more convenient.

More information

For more information please contact Arthur Orsini.


  1. margarita vasquez says:

    the best way to reduce the amount of VCH employees commuting to work would be to bring back the employee annual transit pass. This would increase incentive to use transit by minimizing cost to the employee.

  2. Arthur Orsini says:

    Community staff are definitely not excluded from efforts to promote carpooling. However the tools used in carpool matching in large (1,000+ staff) sites are very different from smaller sites where many of the staff share a few common / lunch areas.

    If you are interested in carpool matching for smaller community sites, please leave a comment here, or contact Arthur Orsini, Active Transportation Facilitator. It is through the interaction with VCH staff that we can further develop tools that can be adapted for all staff.

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