2016 Dietetic interns (L-R): Emily Ko, Gina Willson, Stephanie Dang

National Dietitians’ Day is March 15

March 15, 2017 is National Dietitians’ Day. It spotlights the profession and reminds us that dietitians are the smart choice for advice on healthy eating, good nutrition and healthy living.  Registered Dietitians are healthcare professionals committed to using their specialized knowledge and skills in food and nutrition to improve the health of Canadians. They are your trusted nutrition experts who are uniquely trained to advise you on food, diet, and nutrition. They translate the complex science of nutrition into practical advice and healthy eating solutions to help individuals make positive lifestyle changes and realistic eating behavior changes.

Safe, accurate and ethical

In BC, Registered Dietitians are regulated by the College of Dietitians of BC, so you can be sure that you are receiving safe, accurate and ethical nutrition information and advice.  The letters “RD” are the legal designations for qualified Registered Dietitians in B.C.  Registered Dietitians have a Bachelor’s degree specializing in food and medical nutrition therapy, have completed an accredited internship program and have passed a national registration exam. Registered Dietitians must also meet continuing professional competence requirements to maintain registration and many have also earned Master’s degrees and advanced certifications.

The dietitian on your team

At Vancouver Coastal Health, dietitians work in various areas and settings, such as acute care, rehabilitation, residential care, home care, public health  and food service management. Take this opportunity to acknowledge the dietitian on your team on National Dietitians’ Day – March 15, 2017!


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  1. Keltie Bassett says:

    I want to acknowledge our dietician, Ling Renz at Minoru Residence. She is the sole person here in a 250 bed facility. I don’t knw what we would do without her. So good at what she does and how she does it.

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