Attention: policy developers. Find a sponsor!

When policy is developed before its need has been established or prior to searching for related guidance currently in place, problems can happen – like duplication of documents or inconsistency with documents that already exist. This can cause challenges for those who have developed existing policy, as well as liability risks to the organization.

But you can help!

Before writing a policy, complete the Senior Executive Team (SET) Sponsorship Worksheet. This worksheet guides policy developers through initiating policy development and/or updates and helps to answer, “Where do I start?” Once complete, send the form along with a signature or agreement from a SET sponsor to the VCH Policy Advisor.

About regional policy

In-line with the survey conducted towards the end of last year about policy development, review and implementation at VCH, this worksheet and SET sponsorship requirement support what policy developers said they needed: more information about process and the different policy and procedural documents at VCH. Work is also being done to improve existing resources – stay tuned for more updates, including a refreshed “policy on policy”, enhanced tips on policy writing and best practices for engaging stakeholders in policy reviews.


Ask the VCH Policy Advisor. Information can also be found on the Regional Policy Materials and Updates intranet site, including the worksheet and other resources on developing policy, and news about recently updated and approved policies.

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