Election protocols and provisions for voting

During any election, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) follows a set of guidelines to ensure our focus remains on care and that all candidates are treated equally.  The campaign period runs from April 11, 2017 to May 10, 2017—the day after General Voting Day on May 9, 2017. (Elections BC).

Procedures for time off for voting

On Tuesday, May 9, 2017 employees are entitled to have time off from work to vote in the provincial election. The following will assist you in determining time off requirements, if necessary:

  • Polling hours on Tuesday, May 9 are from 0800 to 2000.
  • Per the Elections Act, all staff scheduled to work on May 9th and who are eligible to vote are entitled to 4 consecutive hours clear from work (during the polling hours of 0800 to 2000) in order to cast their ballot. Staff whose schedule already provides for 4 consecutive hours off during polling hours are not eligible for time off from work.
    • Example: An employee who ends their shift at 1500 is not entitled to paid time off as there is 4 consecutive hours clear from work before polling closes at 2000.
    • Example:  A RN whose normal shift is 0700 to 1900 could start at 1200, thereby having 4 hours clear from 0800 to 1200, or could be given time off at the end of the day and end work at 1600 in order to vote between 1600 and 2000.
  • Where possible, employees are encouraged to cast their ballot at one of the Advance polls (address for location of advance polls is specified on the voter registration card), which will be open from 0800 to 2000 on April 29, April 30, and May 3 – 6.
  • Employees who require time off to vote may request less than 4 hours off.  The specific period of time off granted to the employee will be determined by the Manager based on operational requirements and relief considerations (managers may canvass staff based on current schedules).
  • It is the responsibility of staff to inform their supervisors/managers as soon as possible if they require time off from their work schedules to vote. Without advance notice, it can be challenging to meet our operational requirements and avoid short-notice requests.
  • Time off from work in order to meet the minimum requirements outlined here is paid time coded as PNW.

If you have any questions, please discuss with your manager. Additional information on the provincial election can be found at: http://elections.bc.ca/2017-provincial-general-election/.

VCH election protocol – know the rules

VCH is a non-political organization and works with all elected officials that serve within its catchment area and it does not support or advocate one political party or candidate over another.

Staff are encouraged not to wear campaign buttons or promote preferred candidates on the job as patients should feel the focus is on their care and not on the election.

Election campaign materials are not permitted to be posted or distributed in our facilities. However, political materials may be placed on union and non-VCH notice boards as long as they meet the posting criteria for such information points. Vancouver Coastal Health does not permit campaigning on any of its sites.

Campaigning in residential care facilities (sites where people reside on a long-term basis) may be permitted at the invitation and with approval from the resident’s council of that site. In such cases, all candidates in that riding would be invited to speak to residents. These events are for residents only and media coverage would be discouraged. Requests for candidate access should be referred to the site manager who will then provide a link to the Resident Council representative.

More information

A memo was sent to all staff on April 12, 2017.

If you have any questions please discuss with your manager.

If you receive a request from a political party or a candidate, please ask that they contact Clive Camm at 604-984-3868 or clive.camm@vch.ca.

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