Dr. Dzung Vo, pediatrician at BC Children’s Hospital, speaks at the launch of Breathr.

Stressed-out kids? Breathr can help with that

Kids are busy these days. Between school and friends and lessons, it can be hard for them to slow down and to take a few deep breaths. BC Children’s Hospital has developed a new app – Breathr – to help kids practice mindfulness and improve their mental health.

“I found mindfulness to be one of the most valuable tools to maintain my personal wellness,” said Paul Irving, a member of the BC Children’s Hospital Health Literacy team. “I believe that making mindfulness easy and accessible to youth – through platforms such as Breathr – will allow more young people to discover the benefits of mindfulness in their day-to-day lives.”

What is the Breathr Mindfulness App?

The app provides youth with mental health support that’s flexible and fits with their hectic lifestyles. Users can learn the science behind mindfulness, as well as practice breathing, meditation, and body scan exercises in a matter of minutes, anytime, anywhere.

Who developed the app?

Breathr was developed in collaboration with BC Children’s Hospital medical professionals, mindfulness experts and youth, making it an informed and evidence-based resource.

Funding for the app development was provided through the BC Children’s Hospital Canucks for Kids Fund and the RBC Provincial Child & Youth Healthy Living Initiative fund.

Why is mindfulness important for mental health?

Research shows that practicing mindfulness can further develop the pre-frontal cortex – the part of the brain associated with awareness, concentration, planning and decision-making. Regular mindfulness practice is also linked to boosting moods in youth through disconnecting the brain from its stress centre. This can increase positive emotions and reduce negativity and stress.

Where can I find the more information?

Learn more about the Breathr mindfulness app or download it in Google Play on Android cell phones and the App Store on iPhones.


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