Using social media: What you should know

If you’re like many health professionals today, you may be using one or more social media tools to share information that is related to your work or your profession or to follow others who are sharing things of interest to you in your job. This is a great way to connect with others who share your interest in a certain discipline or topic. Vancouver Coastal Health encourages staff use of social media for this purpose and social media is a fast-growing part of VCH’s communication toolbox, helping us engage with stakeholders both internal and external.

What you should know

Like everything, social media comes with its benefits and risks. To make sure you don’t put yourself at risk, here are some key things to know about the VCH policy on social media and online communication:

  • Avoid using social media for personal activities while on work time.
  • Never share anything on social media or online that could compromise  someone’s privacy. This includes photos.
  • You need to check with your manager and with Communications & Public Affairs before creating a social media account or website for any VCH-related purpose.
  • Making a statement on behalf of VCH on social media or online is like commenting to newspaper or television reporter–you need to be authorized to speak on behalf of VCH.
  • If you give a personal opinion on something related to VCH you need to indicate that opinions are your own and not that of VCH. E.g. “Opinions expressed are my own.”

View or print the VCH Social Media & Online Communication policy (internal link).

Get social with VCH

There are a large number of VCH purpose-specific or audience-specific web sites and social media channels. Here are just a couple of the more popular ones:


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