A true blue fan of colour code standardization

In the past few weeks, two major Lower Mainland standardization projects were implemented across Vancouver Coastal Health:

  1. Updated and standardized colour code procedures
  2. A standard emergency line (7111) at acute sites

The benefits of the programs

Josh Koczerginski, Chief Emergency Medicine Resident and Senior Emergency Medicine Resident

For Josh Koczerginski, chief emergency medicine resident and senior emergency medicine resident with Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health respectively, there are many benefits.

“For health care providers, it will alleviate confusion of differing protocols at hospitals. This allows for improved communication, and helps me anticipate the clinical scenario I will be responding to. Likewise, I know the rest of my team will have a shared mental model prior to attending a code,” says Josh.

Improving safety for patients and health care providers is also important to Josh. “Standardized response procedures are vital for all hospital workers, even more so for those of us who work at multiple sites,” he says, adding “Situations requiring any code activation tend to be high stress. Minimizing variation between hospital sites will allow for improved clinical care and help us work more effectively across clinical and administrative teams.”

Want to learn more?

Look for these opportunities to find out more and support your team:

For more information please visit the Health Emergency Management intranet page, or contact your HEMBC emergency management representative.

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