Photo hacks: Take better pictures!

If you’re like many at VCH, you might need to take a photo now and then of your team or a co-worker for a newsletter, poster display or retirement memory book, and you might not always be happy with the results.

In this 45 minute session, we’ll arm you with a few simple “photo hacks” to help you get a shot that’s bright, sharp and well composed. You’ll get a chance to practice during the session so bring your phone or camera and remember to make sure it’s charged. This won’t be a “how to use your phone” demo though.

The hacks are based on sound photography principles that can be applied to any device and will be of use at work and on your summer vacation!

Topics will include:

  • Let there be light (why good light is vital and how to find it)
  • Don’t fence me in (how to place your subjects in the frame)
  • What’s your angle? (the ups and downs of camera angles and why they matter)
  • What’s wrong with this picture? (common problems and how to solve them)


“Photo hacks” will take place on Wednesday, July 26th from noon until 1 pm in Room 435 at 520 West 6th Avenue in Vancouver (Cambie and 6th, right across from the Olympic Village Skytrain Station)

Space is limited to 15 people. Please RSVP to with subject line “Lunch & Learn” RSVP July 26, 2017″.

Please RSVP to with subject line “Lunch & Learn” RSVP July 26, 2017

All staff, physicians and contractors are welcome to this free event. Just bring your lunch and an interest in the topic. We’ll provide coffee, tea and cookies.

Lunch & Learns is a monthly series of informal and informational sessions organized by Communications and Community Engagement. They are designed to help you strengthen the engagement and communications skills that are critical in our People First organization.


  1. Bernice Evans says:

    Where will this session take place. I am at Lion’sGate and would like to attend.

    1. mmalanchuk says:

      Hi Bernice. This Lunch and Learn session takes place at 520 West 6th Avenue (Cambie & 6th) on Wednesday, July 26th from noon to 1 pm. Hope this works for you. If not, and if there is enough interest at other locations, we will consider taking the training on the road.

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