LearningHUB launches July 24!

LearningHub launches July 24!

The “freeze” weekend

Two days prior to the launch, Saturday July 22 to Sunday July 23, CCRS will undergo a ‘freeze period’ where course completions on CCRS will not be reported. Users are strongly advised not to use the system during this time.  A reminder will be posted on CCRS prior to the “freeze period.”

Signing into LHUB

Users signing into CCRS after July 24 will be redirected to the new LHUB site where they will find their courses and course completion histories. As a new LHUB user, you will find the change an easy one to make. If you sign on to CCRS after the 24th, you will automatically be re-directed to the LHUB. This YouTube video shows you how to sign up and navigate.

More information

If you would like more information, please visit learninghubhelp.phsa.ca or email learnwithus@vch.ca.

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