NEW: Employee discount website launches!

At VCH, we want to ensure we continually invest in you—our greatest resource. Part of that investment is offering employee “perks” that contribute to your health and wellness and a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle for you and your family.

At your request

In response to employee requests, we are pleased to announce the official launch of our new and improved VCH Employee Discount website, now accessible from work or home. This website replaces the current staff discount page on VCH Connect under Employee Engagement.

Please use Google Chrome to access the website:

The website provides easy access to our entire package of refreshed employee perks and discount offers in one place. New offers are posted as they arrive at the top of the homepage, so check back often!

Key website features

  • Optimized for Google Chrome web browser or Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Refreshed and up-to-date offers organized around key topics (beauty, entertainment, food, fitness and more)
  • The website is accessible outside and inside the VCH network. There are also links to the website on VCH Connect or the Staff Hub on
  • Mobile/tablet friendly to access offers on the go
  • Search function to quickly find current offers
  • Link to the Endless Savings and More App which offers additional savings
  • Intuitive navigation and easy to use!

How are offers added?

VCH Employee Engagement shares offers on the website that are sent to us by local companies. If you are interested in suggesting a new offer and the company is willing to extend special pricing to VCH staff, please have the company/merchant contact us directly at

Spread the word

Help us spread the word and encourage others to use the new VCH Employee Discounts website. Please copy and paste the URL into Chrome:




  1. Maria E. says:

    It’s really good that we can access the employee discount at home but the problem is I can hardly read what is written because the blue background and grey wording. I think you can change either the background or the color of the wording. Make it standout e.g. yellow and black or white and black . As long its a contrast colour so everyone can see/read what is behind that discount ads. Thanks.

    1. Nina Paauwe says:

      Hi Maria,
      Thank you for your feedback. The website is optimized for Google Chrome web browser or Internet Explorer 11 or higher. Please let us know if you have further issues but the colour should show up fine on newer browsers. Thanks, Nina

  2. Fee says:

    The link for car sharing isn’t working. I’ve tried in safari and chrome. In the sentence, “heck out your options Here,” I click the here hyperlink, and it goes to a dead page.

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