Automated Shift Call-out (ASC) goes live!

Automated shift call-out (ASC) goes live on July 21 for Coastal CoC (Bella Bella, Sunshine Coast, Sea to Sky and North Shore) and Richmond CoC! Instead of making manual phone calls to offer short notice relief shifts to staff, this process will be automated through ASC. From July 27, Vancouver Community of Care shifts will also be offered through ASC.

Staff should have already set their contact preferences, and be ready to receive shift offers by text, email, and phone.

Go set your ASC settings A dedicated ASC support line is available at 1-877-239-4133

Does this apply to me?

If Workforce Scheduling Services currently calls you for short notice relief shifts (from any of our staffing office locations), ASC will be used to contact you for shifts. If you are currently contacted directly by your unit or department, that will continue.

ASC will not be used for:

  • Bella Coola Hospital
  • Lower Mainland Medical Imaging employees (within Nurses Bargaining Association (BCNU) or Health Services Professional Bargaining Association (HSA/Allied))
  • Vancouver General Hospital – Operating Rooms

How do I bid by email and text?

Reply to shift offer emails and text messages with one of the following characters followed by the unique reference number given in the offer.

Y for “YES, I want this shift (or set of shifts)” e.g. Y12345
N for “NO, I don’t want this shift (or set of shifts)” e.g. N12345
P for “I can do PART of the shift (e.g. 8am – 1pm)” e.g. P12345 08:00-13:00
M for “MORE information about the shifts in the set” e.g. M12345

How do I bid when I receive a telephone call?

Watch the 2 minute video Receiving and responding to a phone call

How do I bid when left a voicemail message?

Watch the 2 minute video Receiving and responding to a voicemail message

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