Get IT services from the new IMITS InfoCentre site

To provide better service and greater transparency of IM/IT services and activities across VCH, PHC, and PHSA, IMITS has developed a centralized intranet site that is as easy to access as VCH Connect. It’s called the IMITS InfoCentre

What services will you find?

The IMITS InfoCentre is where you’ll find the Service Catalogue to order IT products and services. It’s also where you’ll find IT tools like Self Service Password Reset, Checkbox surveys, the IT Outage Calendar, and the brand new Secure File Transfer service, which allows you to securely transfer files containing protected personal information to acceptable external recipients. All of these services can be found in the Resources section of the InfoCentre.

We’ve also incorporated way-finding Q&As (the How Do I? section under Resources) for requesting IM/IT initiatives and services—to help you get the information and services you need without having to call the Service Desk.

Technical requirements

  • This site is accessible using Internet Explorer 8 (or higher) and Google Chrome.
  • Because the IMITS site is an intranet site, you will need a computer that is connected to the VCH network.

Benefits of the new site

The new site is more user-friendly and drives readers to the most requested information directly from the home page. Best of all, having everything in one central place ensures it’s always current. You can bookmark the link or find it on VCH Connect > Programs and Services > Computers, Phones & Technology.

Visit the new IMITS InfoCentre

VCH Connect has also been updated

We went through all the existing content living on the Computers, Phones & Technology sections of VCH Connect, PHC Connect, and PHSA POD—some of which hadn’t been updated in a very long time—and tossed what was irrelevant, updated what was still relevant, and added a lot more information about IT security as well as our teams, strategy and roadmaps, and projects.


We hope you find the IMTIS InfoCentre useful. If you have any feedback, please send it to

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