Learning Hub has Launched

LearningHub has launched

We are pleased to announce that VCH has moved to a new online learning and course delivery platform; the LearningHub (LHUB)! and while we’re excited about a single shared Learning Management System to facilitate greater collaboration across health organizations, we’re aware that some users are experiencing issues during our post-launch stabilization period. Most of these known issues relate to course access, registration, and record of completion, and are being prioritized and worked on as quickly as possible by our LHUB support team and developers at IMITS.

Please continue to access LHUB at https://learninghub.phsa.ca/Learner/Home and report any issues via the LHUB ticketing system http://learninghubhelp.phsa.ca/contact

If you are submitting a CST-related issue, please include this in the subject line of your message.

Thank you for your patience during this stabilization period as we continue to do our best to resolve all LHUB-related matters as quickly as possible.

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