e-Directory gets an upgrade!

Did you know that the current e-Directory application is used 18,000 times per week to find an employee within VCH and PHC? And since its original launch in 2003 it has handled more than 13 million searches?

A tool used this much deserves an upgrade! IMITS Web Solutions has completely refreshed the e-Directory and it went live today (July 27th). PHSA began using it in June as part of their POD (intranet) redesign.

To coincide with this new look and feel we’re changing the name of this tool from e-Directory to Employee Directory.

The link to the Employee Directory is found in the upper top right corner of the VCH Connect home page—same as the old e-Directory.

To search for someone, type in the name of the person or their email address, department, title, phone number or the facility they work in. And note that you’re now able to search for staff within all regional health authorities across the province.

go to Employee Directory now

Update your own profile

Another feature of the new application is the ability to update your own profile—a huge improvement on the old e-Directory. Simply type your name in the search bar and when your profile comes up, look for the Update Profile button on the top right corner of the page. You can even upload a photo!

If you have any questions about the new Employee Directory, please contact Web Solutions at webteam@phsa.ca.


  1. Tony Clapci says:

    Dear Web Team:

    This is big step backward for me and is going to make my job much harder.

    My job requires that I perform large impacts to electrical systems for unknown users and departments in many different buildings. The last version of this allowed me to pick buildings in my search whereupon I would be presented with a tabular listing of users, departments, email addresses, titles and the buildings they worked in. From this it was relatively easy to find key department contacts i needed to communicate my impact email to.

    This new layout now requires I read every contact vertically down to find what i need. Given this difficulty I will not be using tool any longer this and dont have anything else to use.

    Tony Clapci

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