Joan Mason, in the OR at Squamish General Hospital

Following a surgery at age 13, Joan knew she wanted to be a nurse

“I am a registered nurse and over the 45 years of this amazing career I have met many wonderful people; patients, family and co-workers. There is a special bond with those who share the honour of caring for those needing medical care,” says Joan Mason, a registered nurse at Squamish General Hospital. Over the span of her career Joan has had the opportunity to work in several areas of nursing and currently works in the operating room (OR).

Following an appendectomy at the age of 13, Joan knew she wanted to be a nurse.  She was the only daughter in a family of five and her father encouraged her to further her education so that she could be a self-sufficient woman. Joan has experienced many inspirational moments and she has great admiration for those family members who find the strength to care for their terminally ill loved ones at home.

Joan shared what she loves about the location of Squamish General Hospital: “Our operating room has an amazing view of the Squamish Chief – daily we admire it.”

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