The “I Made a Difference” contest has returned!

Last year, we received over 350 inspirational and touching submissions, showcasing the amazing work you do for our clients and families. Putting clients and their families at the centre of care is what we do every day, and we want provide another opportunity to recognize and celebrate this!

Share your stories with us

Tell us about a time when  you or your team went above and beyond in partnering with clients or their families. Your stories may be simple or complex. Here are some examples from last year’s contest:

I held a mother while she held her young daughter’s hand during CPR. (VGH ICU)

Whenever a patient comes into the OR, I talk with them as I help to get them ready for their surgery. I hold their hands or shoulders as they go to sleep. I make sure to tell them that they are safe, that I have their back. (RH OR)

I work with the birth centre team to be sure every baby is skin to skin with their mom as soon after birth as possible so that little newborn feels safe and secure, close to mom’s beating heart and the warmth of her body’s love. (Physician, Richmond Birth Centre)

I started the practice of sending condolence cards to all of the families of patients who have died in our unit.  Many families have responded, in turn, to say that they appreciate the gesture because it lets them know that their loved one was not “just a statistic”. (VGH ICU)

I follow patients throughout their journey from the ED, during their inpatient stay and after discharge, when they return home to the community.  I connect with them at all stages of this journey to help me understand the patient and family perspective. (Chief Operating Officer, Richmond CoC)

I came back to the hospital post-call to talk to a family about their mother’s pathology results. (VGH ICU Physician)


All submissions will be reviewed and considered for one of three (3)  free registrations to BC Patient Safety & Quality Council’s Quality Forum in February 2018.  A selection of these submissions will also be featured in the VCH News over the coming months.

Submission date

Contest closes Friday, November 17, 2017. Submit early to be eligible for each of the three monthly prizes!

How to enter

To enter, email your submission to (Quality & Patient Safety) with the subject line

“I/We made a difference.” 

We look forward to reading your stories – good luck!

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