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This summer was like one big beach party – I drank all sorts of fruity, overpriced cocktails on trendy patios during happy hour and, truth be told, often at home as well before leaving for cocktail hour (it kept starting earlier and earlier in the day).  Now I am back into work mode (ugh), I don’t love my job but it pays the bills and affords me the ability to do the same next summer.  I’m realizing, though, that I’m still turning to the cocktails, but without the beach or a patio. I’m worried that I may have a problem, what should I do?

  • Drinking Diva

Dear Drinking Diva

Good job that you’ve noticed that drinking seems to be running you a bit more than you are running it, it sounds like you could use a bit of support to work this out. It’s fine to want a drink, that’s different from needing a drink and needing one regularly and at an elevated volume.  These are warning signs, and it takes courage to be honest about this stuff.  You, my friend, have courage as you are looking at this head on. What should you do? Consider calling EFAP and talking this out with a trusted, confidential counsellor – you do not have to stand up to this on your own.  If EFAP is not for you, Alcoholics Anonymous has a line you can call for support as well.  Many deal with this issue, but few are honest. You’re on the right track by questioning your actions and to reaching out, just make a call and know that you are not alone.

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  1. Amy says:

    Suggest challenging yourself to go a 100 days without alcohol to give yourself a break and see what life is like without it! Some good websites for support are and/or Mrs. D is going What you describe seems more like bad habit drinking that catches up to a person. Stop it in its tracks!

  2. Lynda Lougheed says:

    Good to think about this before it becomes a problem. I have family with addiction issues…AA is not for everyone, there are lots of ways to look at this and lots of ways to handle whatever may be going on. Prevention is a key, and looking at this while you can make good choices is so crucial…

    My suggestion is be mindful, make good choices, ask yourself what the drinking is about, is it a way to cope from a stressful day, are the better ways to deal with the stressors?

    You have insight and that will take you a long while. Many, sadly do not, good for you!

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