Survey reminder: what do you think about our parenting resources?

What do you think about our parenting resources? Take our survey!

It’s been a year since we launched the VCH parenting website, and we want to know how it’s working for you and your clients. Tell us what you think! This survey is open to VCH health professionals and parents in the community. Complete the survey and be entered to win a fitbit!

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About the website

The VCH parenting resources website is a one-stop shop for new parents and caregivers. From pregnancy to preschool – has all the vital information new parents and caregivers need to keep their new babies healthy.

VCH Public Health has created the site to provide access to health education materials to promote healthy child development. The site is intended for families in the prenatal period, and who have  infants and children up to five years old. Community partners in early childhood care and learning and other health care providers will also find the new site useful.

Topics are wide-ranging and include:

  • Prenatal
  • New mother and baby care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Childhood Immunization
  • Childhood Injury Prevention
  • Childhood Communicable diseases
  • Perinatal depression
  • Speech and language development
  • Oral Health care
  • Nutrition

The site also has easy access to our standard referral forms to VCH programs.

Inclusion of access to resources already developed in the languages most common in VCH including

  • Chinese
  • Punjabi
  • Korean
  • Farsi
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese

We encourage physicians with new parents and caregivers as clients to point them to

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