10 tips to writing faster, better

Reports estimate that we spend one quarter of the average work day writing. This can include everything from emails and reports to memos, project updates, and briefing notes. It’s clear that the written word is important, and skill in this area can lead to greater career success.

Sign up for our next Lunch & Learn to find out how to organize information and formulate your ideas quickly, and to communicate them effectively. Simply send an email to Feedback@vch.ca with the subject line “Lunch & Learn RSVP Nov 29”.

This is our final session for 2017, so register soon!


    1. mmalanchuk says:

      We’d be delighted to offer this session in other VCH locations, Rishma, if there are at least 10 people interested in signing up; maximum 25. Simply RSVP to Feedback@vch.ca and include your preferred location. We’ll follow up to finalize dates and times if there is enough interest.

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