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Before you dive into social media

The following is a continuation of “So you think you need a website eh?

Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, apps, and Instagram channels are all platforms on which we are used to finding the information that we need.

Staff often approach me to ask  how they can promote their program’s information online – social media channels seem like good places, right?

Yes, they are, but once again, much like a website, social media assets require governance and management. Someone needs to put time and effort into developing strategy and rules, as well as learning how to use a platform and keep it in-line with the VCH brand. Social media channels require daily attention, caring and dedication.

Here’s the good news: there are staff (like me) whose main jobs are to help with all-things digital for VCH.

But I really think my program needs a Twitter feed!

I hear you, but there are solutions that won’t involve too much effort on your part. Here are three steps to follow before you create a social media presence:

  • Read through the VCH Social media, Websites and Online Communication policy (intranet link).
    Note: The policy says you shouldn’t create a social media account for your program without conferring with us first. Also, this policy gives some important advice on how to use social media personally, and identify yourself as a VCH employee.
  • Browse our Web & Social Media pages on VCH Connect for guidance (intranet link).
  • Email us at webupdates@vch.ca and tell us what you think you need. We are here to help and provide efficient solutions that won’t be onerous on you.

Let us do the work for your program’s online promotion

Our corporate social media channels, Facebook/VCHhealthcare & @VCHhealthcare have fairly large audiences and we have a team of people who keep these channels maintained to promote important VCH messages, information about services & locations as well as public health campaigns. We deploy our digital marketing strategy to decide on what gets posted and how to achieve maximum results.

The many bonuses of using VCHhealthcare corporate social media:

  • We can help write your social media posts.
  • We have access to graphics and images to make your social posts pop.
  • Our dedicated team will do the building, scheduling and monitoring for you.
  • Our services are free.
  • We assume all risk of what we are communicating from a Public Affairs perspective.

Contact us at webupdates@vch.ca if you have a program or digital content that you think should be promoted to a wider audience on Twitter or Facebook. We can also put you in touch with other existing VCH social media channels, like @VCHResearch or Aboriginal Health on Facebook if they are a better fit for your content.

Recent happy customers of our digital marketing/social media services include:

  • Flu Clinic promotion
  • VGH Thrift Store promotion
  • Promotion of VCH Community Engagement’s Advance Care Planning workshops
  • Fall Prevention

Thanks for reading and remember, just email webupdates@vch.ca if you have questions about digital communications.

Megan Bradfield, digital communications specialist.

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