Richard Eaton, an occupational therapist in Sechelt, gives his new smart phone a thumbs-up.

Occupational therapist in Sechelt uses smart phone to deliver A+ care

For Richard Eaton, an occupational therapist in Sechelt, his new VCH-issued smart phone helped him tackle a client’s care from a different perspective.

Before he received his smart phone, Richard needed take a photo of a client’s heel wound. The client was wheelchair-bound, and also had aggressive leg spasms. Richard’s 11 year-old digital camera was not making the situation any easier.

“Last week, I was upside down on the floor, and under a wheelchair to take a photo,” said Richard.

Days later, with his new smart phone, Richard was able to place the phone under the heel, and with one tap, take a photo of the wound. With a few more taps, he was able to email the photo of the heel wound to two nursing staff sites for immediate follow-up on wound care.

“Work productivity, efficiency and provision of best care was achieved with (my smart phone) with a click of a button,” said Richard. “I know this device will definitely enhance my work performance.”

“Also, I won’t get lost anymore in the remote locations of the Sunshine coast with the GPS and map app provided.”

Why did Richard receive a VCH-issued smart phone?

In October 2017, community-based staff across Coastal, Richmond and Vancouver received smart phones to help them perform their roles with even greater safety, productivity and efficiency. Community-based employees who already had a talk/text only smart phone were given data. This deployment was possible thanks to the team involved with the Community Staff Cell Phone Project.


Using smartphones to support clinical practice is new for all of us – frontline staff and leaders alike. You can submit questions and suggestions to, visit the cell phone project webpage on VCH Staff Hub to review updates and education resources, and, as always, talk to your local leadership.

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