You made a difference! Congratulations, Richmond 3 Medicine Sub-Acute!

We are proud to announce Richmond Hospital’s 3 North team as the winner of the coffee break prize, submitting the most contest entries. With a total of 49 examples of how they practice patient and family centered care, they have encompassed how they go above and beyond in their everyday practice for patients and families.

Here are some more examples from across VCH

“I make sure that the siblings of our new babies are always included, and make them feel like a special part of the birth process.” (Heather, Richmond Hospital Birth Centre Nurse)

“I looked after the mother of a multi-trauma young patient by giving her water and food after a long day in ER,” (Cane, T7A Orthopaedics & Trauma)

“For an out of town patient who didn’t have a lot of visitors, I made a point of saying hello to him and asking how he was everyday and then going for a walk with him around the unit.” (VGH, Anonymous)

“Communicating with family members to ensure continuity of care for their loved ones before being discharged.” (Patricia, LPN)

“I gave my patient a warm blanket and she felt so good. That look on her face was priceless.” (Shalimar, RN)

“A patient was re-admitted to hospital and I even though I did not need to see the patient again, I went to visit the family to offer a listening ear” (VGH, Anonymous)

“As the “Tooth Mary,” I let the kids at the high risk daycare discover all the fun tooth toys in my bags for themselves and interact with them while encouraging healthy oral care behaviours.  Turning education into a fun filled experience.” (Mary, Dental Hygienist, Sunshine Coast)

“Approach every patient with a smile and inject a little humor into their day.” (2 South, Richmond Hospital)

“I will walk around the unit with my labouring patients to increase their chance of having a vaginal delivery.” (RN, Richmond Hospital Birth Centre)

“With our unpredictable days on neuro, I make a point of letting my patient’s know ahead of time if or when I’ll be able to see them on a given day.” (VGH Anonymous)

“Making a cup of tea and giving cookies to a confused patient knowing it would settle him and it often did.” (2 South, Richmond Hospital)

“I listened and took time to let the patient express his feelings and worries in the morning and expressed he felt so much better having someone to talk to.” (2 South, Richmond Hospital)


Thank you to everyone who participated!


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