Dr Meneilly gets his annual flu shot to better protect his patients, who are mostly over 70 and have diabetes.


Q: I got my shot from a peer immunizer or mass staff clinic, do I still have to self-report online?
A: Yes, everyone, whether you got a flu shot from a pharmacy, VCH staff clinic, your family doctor, or peer immunizer, you  must self-report online.

Q: I am wearing a mask this flu season, do I still have to self-report online? 
A: Yes, everyone, whether you got a flu shot or are wearing a mask, must self-report online.

Staff & residents report here: www.influenzareporting.org 
Physicians (including dentists, midwives, psychologists, podiatrists, denturists, nurse practitioners & fellows):https://medicalstaffhealth.vch.ca/

Q: What is the efficacy rate of this year’s flu vaccine? 
A: It’s a bit too early to answer this question. Protection offered by the vaccine depends on the amount of illness we see from four different influenza strains and the match between the vaccine and each strain. Last year, the vaccine provided approximately 37% protection against influenza A/H3N2 and 72% protection against influenza B.
The Southern hemisphere has its flu season before Canada and the Northern hemisphere. The overall efficacy of Australian vaccine this past summer season was 33%. Efficacy by flu subtype/strain varied dramatically, with 57% against influenza B, 50% against A/H1N1 and A/H3N2 at 10%.
Given our understanding of influenza epidemics and vaccine performance from past seasons, VCH continues to recommend that people, particularly those at severe risk of influenza and their family members and caregivers, get immunized.

For more information about the flu visit the VCH staff flu page.

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