A green new year? New training to activate your eco-resolutions

Most New Year’s resolutions focus on the kind of improvements that make our bodies and minds healthier; but what about the changes that also improve the health of our planet?

As employees in the Lower Mainland Health Organizations, the environmental performance of our workplaces can have a big impact on issues like waste and recycling, energy use and carbon pollution.

Green+Leaders training

A new Green+Leaders training course provides the tools, ideas, as well as community support, to help activate your environmental values, at home and at work.

The one-day in-person training is open to all employees in the Lower Mainland, working for PHSA, VCH, FH and PHC. Once complete, participants are able to join the Green+Leaders program which provides ongoing professional development, change-maker toolkits, and a community of like-minded colleagues.

Want to learn more?

Contact Ashley Edworthy for more information.

Not able to attend an in-person training? Check out the Going Green at Work E-Learning module to take your first few steps in greening your workplace and helping improve environmental performance of healthcare operations.

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