My VCH survey results are driving change

Your feedback from the recent My VCH survey is driving real change at VCH. Effective Dec 14, 2017, we put the Attendance & Wellness Promotion (AWP) program on hold and we are now asking for your participation in redesigning the program. This is one of the first steps in building a caring and people focused culture where your voice matters. We want to hear your ideas, from an organizational and a personal perspective, as we work to improve employee attendance, putting wellness at the forefront of the discussion.

Your voice matters: three days left to sign up!

We had tremendous response to last week’s email invite and only a few spots remain for the focus groups.  There are two ways you can still participate in the redesign of AWP:

  • Sign up to attend a 90-minute focus group please sign up by Jan 22; there are only a few seats remaining. If the session is off-site you can call in by teleconference. All staff will be paid at straight-time for attending. Employee Engagement will follow-up with all staff who have signed up.
  • Submit your feedback onlineby February 1. Staff who submitted their email previously can complete this online form or via the link sent to your email.

Everyone is welcome

To improve AWP we need to hear from you – about your experiences with the AWP and your ideas for making it better and more wellness focused. Even if you have not been part of the AWP program or are new to VCH, we encourage you to participate. Some of the questions are solely focused on new ideas you have for attendance and wellness programs. Have your say and submit your feedback online today.

This is the first of many coming opportunities where we will ask for your involvement in creating a better VCH for all of us. My VCH is… all of us working together to co-create our new future.

Please send any questions or feedback to Eliza Wong, Employee Wellness Analyst/Executive Assistant, at

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  1. Roshni sangha says:

    I really glad to hear that we are able to participate in this program.
    If VCh has on site progarms like Yoga, walking groups , motivation by encouraging staff to use time for relaxation .
    This could be done by making sure the specific time is aloted for daily activisties to get away for even short time that will help emplyees stay healthy and productive .
    I know this program was developed to help staff but i found it was more stressfull to know that i would be called in for the meeting if i take skick time off.
    I would rather take time off than working unsafe or making my patients and colleages sick.
    Most important part is a good balance in our lives makes matter it could be personal or work .
    Thanks so much .
    Way to Go VCH!!!.

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