Electronic pay stub one step closer

We heard you and are taking action! You told us in the recent My VCH survey that, “It would be great to go paperless with the paystubs to simplify the process and save a lot on paper/envelopes” and “pay stubs should be accessible/viewable online.” We also heard through the survey that you want to be involved in decisions that impact you.

Help us plan this change

Answer a three question survey to inform next steps of an electronic pay stub solution for all staff. Survey deadline is February 7, 2018.

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The benefits of electronic pay

  • Security and convenience – access, download and print your pay stub from any computer – from work or at home – with internet access.
  • Immediate delivery – provides employees an opportunity to view their pay stub earlier and review and identify any pay discrepancies if needed.
  • Easy access to past pay statements – access, download and print previous pay stubs.
  • Greater ownership for staff – flexibility to view, download, save and print your own pay stub, laying the foundation for future employee self-service initiatives.
  • Encourages the use of email and green initiatives – supports the transition to more electronic communication while supporting VCH’s green initiatives.

Stay tuned on what’s coming next through VCH News. For more information, please contact myvch@vch.ca.


  1. Jillian says:

    Is the information still accessible to staff should they leave VCH and how would ex employees retrieve past pay information?

      1. Jillian says:

        Great idea Angela,

        I had thought of that but was wondering if this option would have a start date or if we would have access to all pay information from our start date with VCH in the past years. Maybe the author of this post could answer the questions.

        1. Nina Paauwe says:

          Thank you for your comments and questions! Payroll has confirmed that any past staff (who would likely not have access to the site) can contact Payroll who can provide any of their past pay stubs upon request as per the current process.

  2. I live in a remote, not-great-internet access location, but I think it would be good for those of us who have internet at all. My concern is for those who don’t. I suppose they could get access through the hospital computers (CHWs). It would be good for casuals who don’t make their way down the valley to the hospital as frequently…

    1. Tiffany says:

      I think that could easily be fixed by making the electronic version available as a CHOICE. Most people may choose electronic but you can still get a paper if desired. Like bank statements, some people still like it mailed! I love the idea, so I hope it actually happens.

  3. Kasey says:

    I believe that we should be able to have a CHOICE whether we would like electronically or not. Some people are not always able to access internet.

  4. sheryll says:

    I hope it will happen soon as most Authority are already using electronic stub. It’s easy to access. I love it.

  5. David says:

    Great step forward for alot of reasons however the Kronos payroll system needs a complete review and update. It may provide administrators with great high level data but its frought with problems on the staff level.
    -Timekeeping codes dont match cheque codes.
    -Why cant staff sign in and out direcly into system and that inturn would populate payroll coding system rather than multiple forms, multiple coders, time consumming enquiries and corrections, Lots of mistakes.

  6. Ron G. says:

    That’s great news. It’s fast and convenient. So for those who prefer to still have the paper copy then they can opt to still receive the hard copy whereas for the people who prefer to check on-line (intra-net) they could be able to view their pay stubs one day ahead of time usually Wednesday noon time instead of the regular Thursday. My impression is that they are rolling out the Cerner program which is used in PHSA and Fraser Health and will be implemented in VCH. My only request is if we could access our pay stubs not just at work (intranet) but also at home (remote access). Hopefully this could be included in Cerner. Looking forward to it’s rollout soon. Thanks!

    1. Sadie says:

      Remember equifax and google hacks and all that? Internet is not safe. Also, did you see you can print off stubs?! Defeats the purpose. This should be a choice.

  7. Cheryl West says:

    A couple of my co-workers have moved, emailed in the proper forms and still after several months- their paystubs still have their old address! Fortunately, since their paystubs still come here I can retrieve them and re-direct to correct address. Will employees be able to update their address themselves on the system? This ongoing error means they are subject to identity theft if their T4 gets mailed to the wrong address! For this reason I think it is great if we can print off our own forms and not have to worry about this issue.

  8. Lois Budd says:

    Great idea! Much easier to store on a computer and space-saving too. For those without home access they could be seen at work and/or printed off. Just so much easier than having to distribute the paper ones.

  9. Jillian says:

    Just wanting a follow up with this blog. The survey date ended on February 7th, so will you be posting the results before the finial decision and do we get a choose the method in the way we receive our pay advices?

    1. Nina Paauwe says:

      Hi Jillian,
      We are reviewing the survey results and will certainly share next steps through VCH news. Please stay tuned! Thanks very much for your feedback.

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