Too many e-mails!

Taming the Email Monster

Is your Outlook inbox out of control? Do you struggle to stay on top of the deluge of messages flooding your inbox, hijacking your day and keeping you from focusing on more important tasks?  Join us for our next lunch hour session to learn the 10 tips you can begin using today to help tame the email monster.

Due to strong interest in this topic, we’re delighted to be taking our L&L’s out on the road to several central locations across the region. Hope to see you there!

Noon – 1 pm OR 1 – 2 pm

  • Wednesday, February 28, 2018 – 520 West 6th Ave, Vancouver. Room 435

Noon – 1 pm

  • Wednesday, March 7 – Arbutus Room, VGH
  • Thursday, March 8 – LGH Foundation Boardroom, LGH
  • Friday, March 9 – Rm 345A, 8100 Granville, Richmond

Space at each session is limited to 20 people. Please RSVP to with the subject line “Lunch & Learn RSVP” and specify your preferred location and time in the body of the email.


  1. Overload says:

    Yes, we seem to get a lot of emails from various departments across VCH that do not pertain to our jobs. Maybe it could be set up like Facebook to have staff add their name to a group distribution list so they can choose to receive specific articles or updates that they are interested in or relate to their workplace. This would help cut down on the messages especially if someone is off for a period of time on vacation/ sick leave etc……

    P.S. For some of us that are not able to attend the information session could you please add the 10 tips to this blog????

  2. Maureen says:

    Thanks for your comment, Overload 🙂

    Sigh, I agree that it would be great to work with a corporate email system that allows you to subscribe to various updates and distribution lists but, unfortunately, I’m not aware of any. Are you? If so, please send the link.

    The good news is that I have seen some recent corporate newsletters that allow you to unsubscribe if you find the content not relevant to you and the work you do. As well, there are a number of quick and easy strategies to divert and manage incoming emails away from your inbox.

    And, yes, I will write a blog post about the 10 tips after the Lunch & Learn sessions later this month. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. overlord says:

    these IT, generator, parking lot emails just clog up my email. I wish we could designate them as trash or junk so they are immediately swept out of the inbox. Outlook is a very antiquated system and there are lots of better more advanced and robust systems out there.

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