Policies and clinical resources, and the new My VCH intranet

What? A new intranet?

Yes! Our current VCH Connect intranet site has been around for 13 years and it’s high time for an overhaul! Communications & Public Affairs, IMITS and Employee Engagement are working to create a new My VCH intranet with a target launch in April, 2018.

Learn more about the new My VCH intranet

What this means for policies and clinical resources

On March 29—about the time the My VCH intranet goes live—SHOP (Shared Health Organizations Portal) will become the central access point for VCH policies, clinical resources and decision support tools (DSTs) such as guidelines, protocols and procedures. For this reason, policies and clinical resources that are currently part of VCH Connect will be accessed through SHOP and not through the new My VCH intranet site.*

*Some documents will not be moving until after March 29, in which case SHOP will link back to the old locations.

Download the SHOP Fact Sheet

Don’t worry—we have a plan!

Because so many of us are used to going to different places for policies and clinical resources, we are taking the following steps to ensure uninterrupted access:

  • There will be a clear link from the new My VCH intranet site to SHOP.
  • There will be links from SHOP back to documents or resources that have not yet been moved to SHOP.
  • There will be customized Where to Find Policies and Clinical Documents handouts distributed in each community of care (Coastal, Richmond, Vancouver Acute, Vancouver Community).

Got questions?

Policy related questions can be directed to policy@vch.ca and clinical resource questions to catherine.cairns@vch.ca.