Webinar: managing the dynamics in interpreter-assisted sessions

You’re invited to join the final webinar in the Language Matters series hosted by the Provincial Language Service. This series aims to provide a space to share experiences, learn from each other and strengthen our collective understanding of why language matters in health care.  The recordings of the previous webinars in this series are available to view by clicking on the link above.

About the session

The interplay between interpreting and health care is a topic that is well documented; however, the dynamics of this interaction is not always readily understood by health care providers.  Specifically, health care providers do not necessarily know how to effectively manage sessions in which interpreters are involved.

The final installment of this webinar series aims to explore the dynamic of an interpreter-assisted patient encounter and provide health care practitioners with practical strategies and tools for managing an interpreter-assisted session.  Presenters will share experiences and strategies proven effective in managing all parties involved – interpreters, patients and their families.  These will include tips on how to effectively advocate for the usage of interpreters when interacting with limited English proficiency patients and families.

Participants will be equipped with tools to manage both the interpreter and patient/family in interpreter-assisted sessions.  There will be panel discussion at the end of the presentation where participants are invited to share questions or comments about their experiences when managing both patients/families and interpreters in interpreter-assisted sessions.

The presenters will be announced closer to the webinar date.

How to register

To take part in the webinar, please register online.

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Contact pls@phsa.ca.

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