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I have been dating this girl for bit. We see each other a lot and we talk every day.  It is fun and I think I’m in love or at least falling in love.

I’m not sure though where she sits in it all. She does not always respond right away to my texts and she is not always free when I call or when I ask her out. So I assume she may not be into me quite as much as I am into her. I fear that she is just going to turn around one day and say it is over. I know that this assumption is not really logical as she has said she cares for me. I need to get out of my head on this. Any ideas of next steps?

– Assumption Man

Dear Assumption Man

To quote the famous Stephen Covey, “The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable.” Or to quote Henry Winkler (the Fonz), “Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” Or to quote renowned author Agatha Christie, “Assumptions are dangerous.”

Clearly, Assumption Man would not be a successful superhero and for the safety of both your psyche and your relationship, he needs to be retired. I think we fall into making assumptions when we are scared to ask “the” question, whatever the burning question of the moment is.

If we don’t find that courage to ask that question, then the assumptions that we often fall into are far scarier than any answer. I would invite to you consider asking “your” question. How does she feel about you? What is the great thing that the two of you have going on? You don’t need to get too far ahead of yourself and ask where it is going because likely you both need to explore it more.

But it is fair to inquire about what it is that is developing? The fact that she does not respond with warp speed to texts may be that that is her style, that she is busy, that she wants to respond with thought and so needs more time, or a million other reasons. The fact that she is not always free, means that she has a life and people in her world other than you. There could be a million reasons why she is  not always lying around, eating bonbons, and waiting for you to call.

In my view, a thoughtful and sensitive romantic check-in question is far wiser than speculation. Be brave – you are worth it, and so is she.

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