Decon training by Paolo

Decontamination training exercise sharpens skills in LGH Emergency

Submitted by Dave Reid, Coastal Emergency Management Coordinator

Decon training by Paolo















LGH’s Paolo Capitanio (left) and Christina Mavinic (right) donned the biohazard suits to help mock patient in distress Mark Phillips.

Nursing students and Lions Gate Hospital Emergency staff participated in a decontamination exercise yesterday (July 18). Christina Mavinis and Paolo Capitanio put on biohazard suits to treat mock patients — Coastal Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Reid and Richmond Emergency Management Coordinator Mark Phillips — from the results of a bear spray catastrophe.

The goal of the training is to prepare staff to manage and treat 1-5 self-presenting patients at the ED without external support. The Ministry of Health purchased all the Decontamination Personal Protective Decontamination Gear for LGH over the last two years, which is the same as all hospitals within the province.

Hospitals are required to have internal capacity as it takes external groups (FIRE, Ambulance) a fair amount of time to arrive and set-up a decontamination zone. In the last year, LGH nurses have attended two four-hour “train the trainer” education sessions with Langara nursing students providing weekly sessions on Donning and Doffing the Personal Protective Gear.

Wednesday’s drill was the first ever live drill using the new Decon room and shower.