Volunteers honoured at the North Shore Long Service Recognition event included Mildred Gordon (Information Desk), Margaret Ray (Information Desk) , who was the star of the event for her 55 years of volunteer work,‎ ‎Mary Anne Kreski (Discharge and Delivery) and Ursula Eigen (Dogwood Shop).

North Shore staff and volunteers celebrated for hard work and dedication

The HOpe Centre at Lions Gate Hospital was abuzz last Thursday afternoon as it filled up with North Shore staff, volunteers and physicians who were celebrated for their years of hard work and dedication. Although not all attended, 291 North Shore staffers had 10 or more years working for VCH as of 2016.

Among the many people feted at the annual North Shore Long Service Recognition Event was Margaret Ray, who was honoured for her 55 years of volunteering.

Margaret started volunteering as an LGH  Auxiliary member in 1961, the same year the acute tower opened. She has volunteered in different areas of the hospital, but the one area that she holds closest to her heart is the Information Desk. Why the Information desk?

Margaret replied that her passion is people and being around them is what makes her happy. In the last 10 years alone, Margaret has contributed 400 hours to LGH.

“Everybody who works in health care whether as an employee or volunteer is motivated by a desire to make a difference in people’s lives,” says Rocio Andrews, Manager, Volunteer Resources (VCH-North Shore). “On a daily basis, I see the commitment of our volunteer team; imagine sustaining that commitment over 55 years.”

Mike Nader, Chief Operating Officer, Coastal, received his 15-year pin while honouring a number of staff members with 35 or more years of long service.

NS Long Service 2

Mike Nader and Leanne Appleton honour Brenda Argut for 35 years of service. Brenda is a porter for endoscopy.


COO Mike Nader with Dianna Inman (35 years of service) and manager Barb Bedell.

NS Service 3

Mike Nader and Ira Roness honour Gloria Connor for her 35 years of service.

Portfolio clerks

Staffing manager Darrell Ng with portfolio clerks Debbie Pudritz (20 years of service) and Josie Schmidt (10 years of service.)


LGH Emergency Department manager Angeline Bierstee with Paolo Capitanio (10 years of service).

Ed staffers

Friends help Bella Mercado (l) and Pam Teare (3rd from left) celebrate their 10 years of service.

Roy Laube

LGH Manager Roy Laube with physiotherapist Sandy Johnston (left) and occupational therapist Zaleena Jamal (right) in Home & Community Care.

Barb Ferreira

LGH Manager Barb Ferreira celebrates years of service with Corrine Beck (centre) and Rosa Helm (right).