Welcome to the CST Audio Network, where we feature insightful interviews with health care professionals who’ve gone through – and survived – a clinical and systems transformation implementation.

‘I really feel it’s the right thing to do for patients and I actually believe that.”

Welcome to the CST Audio Network and our inaugural podcast The Doctors Are In.

In our first episode, Vancouver’s Dr. Eric Grafstein, CST’s Chief Information Officer (VCH/PHC), interviews Dr. Phil Shin, Chief of Medicine and Medical Director of Critical Care at North York General Hospital in Ontario, to get his thoughts on his hospital’s implementation of Cerner’s clinical information system, which started in 2012.

Dr. Eric Grafstein

Dr. Eric Grafstein

But first, a few key facts to know:

  • North York General Hospital has 400 inpatient beds and serves a population of about 400,000 to 500,000.
  • The ICU has a 21-bed closed unit, with 6 intensivists rotating on a weekly basis.
  • The ICU sees about 100 admissions per month.

Eric wastes no time getting to the nitty gritty with Phil on North York’s implementation, asking what ICU life was like before the Cerner implementation (“I didn’t think at the time we had a problem.”), swings and misses, go live day memories (“People were literally at my side helping me troubleshoot.”), the net effect on health care providers, the role verbal communication still plays and more.

North York General Hospital's Dr. Phil Shin

North York General Hospital’s Dr. Phil Shin

Get the full interview here. You can listen to it on any device, as long as it has speakers or headphones.

“I really don’t think there would  be one physician in our department who would go back to a paper system.”

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