We love feedback, which is why we’re asking Coastal staff to take our short survey on how we can best deliver information about the upcoming changes CST will bring to your role.

Are you ready for the change? Do you have the news and info you need? Take our survey

Calling all VCH-Coastal staff. This is your chance to tell us what you think about change and communications activities for CST. This survey has your name on it.

As you know, the Lions Gate Hospital campus and sites along the Sea-to-Sky corridor (Group 1) have been chosen as the launching point for CST in VCH

We want to know:

  • How strongly do you support the upcoming changes CST will bring?
  • Are you receiving the information you need and want to support you on this journey?

The deadline to complete the survey is Friday, Feb. 24.

*Please note: This survey is for staff. Physicians have already completed a questionnaire specific to their roles.

This short survey will help us identify what’s working and what’s not – and maybe even suggest some brilliant ideas we haven’t thought of yet to better meet your needs.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions – we know you’re busy and appreciate your attention. We’re all in this together and need to set each other up for success. We will share the results with you and update you on how they will help shape communications and change support moving forward.

We’ll also produce a shorter version of this survey later this year to see where you are in the change journey and whether communications is hitting the mark.

Click here to take the survey.

After the survey is completed, we invite YOU to participate in focus groups in early March to review the results and help us enhance information flow and change activities.

Want to take a paper survey instead? Email: sacha.kennedy@vch.ca

For more information on CST, visit cstproject.ca



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