Cedarview Lodge Day Respite Program staff include (L-R): Pauline Critchley, Patrick Sarad, Lisa Wang (who’s moved on since this photo was taken), Imelda Abalos, Inge Neumeyer and Erna Zulueta. (Staff not present includes: Dominique Jackson, Diane Vaughan, Jennifer Peat)

Cedarview Lodge Day Respite Program takes care of clients and caregivers

Talk to VCH-North Shore managers and directors about the Cedarview Lodge Day Respite Program and you’ll likely get this immediate response: “You mean the ‘acclaimed’ Day respite program.’”

Since the program started at the Lynn Valley residential care facility last spring, it has quickly blossomed into a source of pride for the staff and has become a vital service for the families who use it and the caregivers who need a well-deserved break.

“Since the program started in May 2016 it rapidly became very well utilized,” says Pauline Critchley, Manager, Cedarview Lodge. “The main aspect we wanted to incorporate in this new program was flexibility. We let this guide every decision we made in setting it up. Family caregiver and client feedback supports how crucial that flexibility is to the meaningful success of this important resource. We also wanted it to feel like ‘a home away from home’ and the physical environment was designed with this in mind.”

The VCH program is a response  to the “silent pressure” that more and more North Shore families and caregivers are facing as they care for a loved one with dementia or for a senior with limited mobility.

In January alone, the program received 229 visits from a total of 41 clients.

Program highlights

  • Seven day a week availability.
  • Hours extend from early in the morning until 6 p.m.
  • Guests are welcome at any time of the day, and can stay for as long or short as they wish.
  • Guests can pre-schedule their visits, or utilize our drop-in service for those “unexpected” needs.
  • Guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.
  • Guests have access to a shower, an in-house hairdresser, dental hygienist and Foot Nurse.
  • The Program’s staff offer support to family caregivers.

Feedback from families has been overwhelmingly positive. Praise for everything from “the staff in the respite program are exceptional” and “this program is a life-saver” to “after spending a day at the lodge, he is happy, has an obvious feeling of self-worth and is more amenable.”

Nursing staff provide services such as assistance with bathing, medication administration, and nurse consultations including assessments, referrals and support for members of the program and their families.

“The success of this program has also had a positive impact on patients who are in the hospital and can now be discharged earlier thanks to having these supports in place in the community,” says Keith McBain, Director, Residential and Seniors Programs, Coastal.

Cedarview Lodge also has a separate Overnight Respite Centre with seven single rooms.

Clients coming to the Cedarview Lodge Day Respite Program have access to a shower.

Clients coming to the Cedarview Lodge Day Respite Program have access to a shower.

The day room for the Cedarview Lodge Day Respite Program.

The day room for the Cedarview Lodge Day Respite Program.


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