A Powell River resident shares a heartfelt letter of thanks to the staff at PRGH who were part of her mother’s final journey.

‘We live in a most amazing town, filled with some of the most caring people I have ever met’

A heart felt thank-you to all who were part of my mom’s journey …

My mom entered the hospital on December 31st and died March 6th. When we started this time with all of you we could never have guessed that it would have been so long or that the outcome was what it was but that is what life is all about. There are so many people to thank and as a small token I hope you enjoy a bit of chocolate and remember that you are all so appreciated by myself and my family!

The list is in no particular order.. Thank you to….

The two maintenance guysI watched with much enjoyment the painting of the walls on 4th! What a process…

The cleaning men and woman… I got to know so many of you during the 10 weeks I sat in 412. You         always had a friendly wave or smile. You work so hard cleaning up after people that are too sick to appreciate what you do… but I saw you speak kind words to dementia patients and grumpy people who didn’t want you messing with their stuff…

The kitchen staffyou were such an important part of our day!  To the ladies that came around with their iPad taking orders (you made fruit salad and egg sandwiches sound exciting!) to the delivery people, to the people that made the meals. A huge thank you.  The meals were lovely and were appreciated by my mom.

The staff at the front deskI walked past you so many times in a day… you always had a smile.

The technicians that came around every morning to take blood.  You are not liked at times! And yet again you do your job with a smile and kindness in your voice.

The xray department … you were part of the journey at the very beginning… again so kind to my mom in a very difficult situation!

And finally …

The nursing staff… what can I say about you without crying… you were there day in and day out… week after week … I got to know the rhythm of hospital life from watching you. Whether it was handing out meds, setting up meals, changing bedding (many times in a day for some patients), listening to the fears of the ones you served, being yelled at by others. Not once did I a hear a harsh word … you are to be commended. You have chosen to serve when people are at their most vulnerable. They tend to not like you at times… and yet you serve…  You let me cry on your shoulder many an evening as I was leaving… again thank you.

We started this journey in emergency, moved on to ICU for almost two weeks and then to 412-1 and finally 414. I learned many things on this journey with my mom. We live in a most amazing town, filled with some of the most caring people I have ever met.

God bless you all…




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