A letter from a patient who received care at the emergency department at LGH was recently published in the North Shore News.

Lions Gate Hospital ED gets fan letter in local newspaper

This letter appeared in the North Shore News this weekend. Click here to read the online version or read below.

LETTER: Lions Gate ER provides excellent care

Dear Editor:

I had the unfortunate occasion to visit the Lions Gate Hospital emergency department recently. I was attended to immediately and then moved to an inner waiting room where there were a lot more (patients) waiting.

Within about half an hour I was called aside to one of the private rooms and my problems discussed with a nurse. Next, I was visited by the doctor, who suggested that a blood test could answer some critical questions. Within minutes I had my blood test and then I waited.

It was now about two hours plus and I was getting very tired and sleepy. Suddenly, the doctor joined me and confirmed that my problem did not require any immediate care and that the worst had been ruled out.

Although in a fair amount of pain and discomfort, I am extremely happy with my experience and want to thank all the staff on duty on the night of March 7.

I remember talking to Dr. Brian Day when he headed the Doctors of BC and relaying my experience in Dubai where on visiting the Iranian hospital for an emergency, I was seen twice by a specialist, underwent some tests, was given a shot and some tablets from the in-house pharmacy all within a couple of hours and for $226.

I would like to now say that our system is just as good and should be celebrated for the fine people who deliver every day.

Thank you Lions Gate emergency. I will not forget your kindness.

Shabbir Nanji
North Vancouver

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