Coastal CST survey results like a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream masterpiece

The results of the Coastal Clinical and Systems Transformation (CST) survey and focus group were a bit like a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream masterpiece, a bit of sweetness, with an undertone of tanginess and a final note of salted caramel.

You told us that some of the news and information about CST was reaching and resonating with you; that you had some concerns about the support that will be available and that you’re eager for more hands on practice and “play” time; and that you’re excited about some of the upcoming changes and opportunities.

Staff from across the Coastal Community of Care completed surveys and participated in a focus group designed to find out where you are on the change journey and what kinds of communications support you need for the upcoming Clinical and Systems Transformation.

Key findings included:

  • You want to “play” with the new system to figure out how it works. You’re eager for hands-on practice.
  • You want to know, specifically, how it will impact your job, the work you do, how you move through the Cerner system and workflows. What will this mean to me? What’s changing? How will this make my work life easier?
  • You want face-to-face communications, unit visits, updates at huddles, and conversations with colleagues and managers were at the top of the list. The Fall CST roadshows were a big hit and you want more of them!
  • The second most popular communications channels included email and the CST web site.
  • A few people said they didn’t know anything at all about CST. (Ed note: Gotta get on that one!)

Your key concerns included whether you’d receive the training and support you needed for a smooth transition and to ensure ongoing quality, safe care for your patients, and availability of sufficient terminals.

What are you most excited about?

You told us you were most excited about having plenty of great data for research projects to support improving patient care, prompts and reminders in the system that will ensure better and more consistent care for patients, a more organized and cleaner work environment, and not having to read “doctor” writing any more since instructions will be in the system instead of handwritten.

About the survey

About 200 staff across Coastal completed the 6-question survey over the past few weeks. The vast majority did so via hard copies distributed on each unit, rather than the less popular online survey.

In early March, nine staff members from LGH took time from their busy schedule to provide more in-depth feedback and additional suggestions in a 45-minute focus group at Lions Gate Hospital on March 1st. A couple of one on one calls were made with staff who couldn’t make the session. Thanks to Belinda Boyd, from Community Engagement, for facilitating this session for us.

What’s next?

A big thank you to everyone who completed a survey or sat around the focus group table with us. We appreciate your feedback, input and ideas. We received confirmation on a number of things we already knew or suspected – which is a good thing – and also hear some new and surprising things – also a good thing.

Over the coming months, we’ll use the findings to develop support strategies and tools to meet your needs.

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